About Us

Equilacq Concepts is a Multi-Matrixed, Operations focused company, specializing in Sourcing and Supplying of various products and services for clients engaged in work activities such as Manufacturing, Job Based Production, Fabrication, Electrical, Construction, Maintenance and Repairs, as well as Corporate and Commercial sectors.

The company prides itself in taking away the pain staking day-to-day tasks of negotiations and administrations that businesses go through in their sourcing and purchasing processes… Instead! we do all the fieldwork and supply the best quality products and services that meet the specific needs and requirements of your business.

We work closely with a host of distributors and manufacturers in South Africa, that allow us to offer the best quality products and the quickest possible delivery turnaround. Our network of local associates affords us the ability to offer competitive pricing that will positively impact your bottom line and render substantial cost savings for your business.

The company is also a registered importer and exporter and is able to offer a complete Global Supply Solution to the client. We maintain substantial collaborations with international associates, and we work closely with a network of Transport and Logistics associates as well, hence, we engage in various cross-trade transactions and can import and export between countries from anywhere on the globe, including Africa.

Some of the products that we source are Industrial Equipment and Machinery, Engineering and Manufacturing Tools, Power and Manual Tools, Lubricants, Paints, Chemicals, Cleaning Detergents, Safety Equipment and Protective Gear, and various Consumable products. We also source a wide range IT and Networking Equipment. Whatever your product requirements are, we are committed to finding it for you at the best possible prices, both from our local and international sources.

We also offer an Online Store where you can find the latest range of Electronic Appliances, Audio and Video Devices, Media Players, Speaker Systems, Mobile Devices and Accessories, Computers, Laptops and Tablets, PC Components, PC Peripherals, Personal Accessories and more… CLICK HERE

As a company we are confident that we can add great value to your business, and are eager to establish a relationship and network with you.

Let us know how we can assist you, give us a call or send us an email…


E-mail: info@equilacq.co.za | sales@equilacq.co.za

Tel: +27 10 013 1704 | +27 73 723 3090